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What to do if Your Ex-Spouse Stops Paying Child Support

After a divorce, you are facing the most troubling time of your life. What’s worse is your ex-partner either refuses to pay child support or stops paying, even after a court mandate. The Child Support Enforcement Act of 1984 charges the district attorney or state’s attorney with helping single parents collect child support. State and federal laws take child support enforcement very seriously.

Once your ex-spouse falls behind on his or her support requirement, contact your attorney right away. If your ex is employed, your lawyer can file an income withholding order, which will directly garnish his or her wages. The Colorado Division of Support Enforcement can also help you accomplish this task.

If your ex cannot be found or is unemployed, you must pursue other means of collecting support. When your Denver child support lawyer is successful in tracking down your former spouse, your ex’s federal tax refund might be withheld, property could be seized or a driver’s, occupational or business license could be suspended. Liens can also be placed on property or his or her passport application could be denied. In very serious situations, jail time might be required.

Non-compliant parents face serious consequences if they fail to pay child support. There are many organizations dedicated to helping single parents get the support payments they deserve. An experienced family law attorney in Denver walks you through the support enforcement process, helping you take the right actions along the way.

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