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Trusted Denver Family Law Attorney Helping Families Reach Resolution

Compassionate attention to each family member

Every family faces challenges. Some of those challenges escalate to the point where legal intervention is necessary and may put everyone, including parents and children, in turmoil. Family law deals with every type of family-related conflict. With more than 25 years of experience in practice in Denver family law, I handle your issues in these areas with skill, efficiency and compassion for everyone involved.

Protecting your best interests in Colorado

Denver family lawyers must also be well versed in laws specific to Colorado, such as:

  • Common law marriage and termination by divorce
  • Allocation of parental responsibility, which has replaced child custody
  • No-fault divorce

Before your marriage, I help you draft a prenuptial agreement. During your marriage, I handle legal issues such as adoption, paternity, guardianships and domestic violence. If your relationship comes to an end, I see you through divorce, annulment, property settlements, alimony, child support and child custody matters. If a child runs into legal trouble, I pursue immediate resolution through juvenile adjudication.

I focus my practice on family law. Denver and its metro area are my primary coverage areas, and I am well acquainted with the legal systems and community here. I stand ready to help your family resolve the issues that matter to you most.

What are the first steps to getting the help you need?

If you are getting married or contemplating ending your marriage, curious about adoption, suffering abuse or seeking help for a child facing criminal charges, you need an experienced Denver family law attorney. Contact me, Karin Johnson Chatfield. I answer your call personally and give you the information you need to move to resolve the issue. It is important to take a practical approach to emotionally charged issues like these. With a gentle manner but fierce tenacity, I help you do that from first step to last.

Contact a Denver family lawyer for a free initial phone consultation today

Family law issues are complicated. I simplify them for you and set you on the road to resolution. I enjoy meeting people from all walks of life and helping them through stressful situations. Call me at 303.777.3899 or contact Karin Johnson Chatfield LLC online. My office is conveniently located in downtown Denver. I am happy to schedule an evening or weekend appointment if needed.


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