Prenuptial Agreements

Sound Guidance for Denver, Colorado Prenuptial Agreements

Planning ahead to protect your assets

Marriage is based on trust. But taking the time to protect the assets of you and your partner can also be a caring and beneficial step to take. Prenuptial agreements — also called marital agreements in Colorado — are reassuring when you are entering a marriage with substantial assets. They can also provide welcome protection if one of you comes to the marriage with considerable debt.

The good news is that the divorce rate today is at its lowest level since 1970. The bad news is that when a divorce does happen, the antagonism and stress couples face make rational decisions about dividing assets seem impossible. As an effective Denver prenuptial agreement attorney, I handle these delicate legal matters with your shared best interests in mind.

What is included in a premarital agreement?

Prenuptial agreements are created before a couple is married. Post-nuptial agreements are entered into after marriage. I am attorney Karin Johnson Chatfield and I explain the many topics these agreements can cover, including:

  • How property owned by each of you prior to the marriage is to be divided
  • How property acquired during the marriage is to be divided
  • How income and earnings are treated during the marriage
  • Determining or waiving alimony in the event of a divorce
  • Payment of attorney fees in the event of a legal separation or divorce
  • How property is to be handled if one spouse dies

Financial issues are often at the heart of broken marriages. I have more than 25 years of experience as a Denver divorce lawyer. I help a couple face tough questions, usually about finances, before they marry and create an agreement that is fair and reasonable for both people. It can strengthen the relationship and keep struggles over money out of the picture when other issues cause strife in a marriage.

Do you need an attorney to complete a prenuptial agreement?

The Colorado Marital Agreement Act does not require that an attorney prepare an agreement to ensure its validity. But premarital agreements are legal contracts and you need to know what can and cannot go into yours. You want to be assured that you fully understand the legal consequences of signing a document like this.

I have extensive experience handling the issues that lead to divorce. I can help you address them through a premarital agreement that fits your relationship.

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